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Aside from photography, I am the biggest dog lover you will ever meet. (Bringing your pup to a shoot is GREATLY encouraged!!!). I have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Poppy who is my literal child. When I'm not taking photos of humans, I'm taking photos of her! I went to Simon Fraser University and got myself a Criminology degree in 2019, another interest of mine that's quite different from photography LOL... So what else can I tell ya...   I'm a big sushi guy & I LIVE for Halloween... I think that just about covers the important stuff



Vancouver, BC

How it all began...

Hey! I'm Kaitlyn and I've been a photographer for 6 years now. I began my photography journey as a little girl taking portraits of my stuffed animals with a disposable camera. Since then, I have dived deeper into the world of photography to portraits, engagements, and weddings! I am a hopeless romantic at heart and have a passion for portraying love through the lens. Every love story is different, lets tell yours! 

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